Visitors guide & Audio guide

Karta på engelska

To find your way around please use our visitors guide and map.

Visitors guide

Download our visitors guide in PDF-format, below.

Visitors guide på svenska (2014, 277 kB)
Visitors guide in English (2014, 277 kB)

Please note that the following guides are no longer updated. For ticket information and opening hours, we refer to the guide in English:

Visitors guide in German (1164 kB)
Visitors guide in Spanish (617 kB)
Visitors guide in Finnish (1166 kB)
Visitors guide in French (1160 kB)
Visitors guide in Italian (1156 kB)
Visitors guide in Japanese (750 kB)
Visitors guide in Russian (1206 kB)


A map of the whole Skogskyrkogården cemetery showing the different blocks of graves

You can also view the same map interactively via the website, in English, Hitta graven 

Audio Guide

Audio guide

Our guided tour in 13 chapter takes you around the Woodland Cemetery and tells about the history, the places and the buildings. The guide is free and you can find it on izi.TRAVEL. You can listen directly in your browser or with an app for Android or iOS (iPhone and iPad). If you use the app, you can download the audio tracks prior to your visit. Free Wi-Fi is available at the Visitors Center.

The audio guide is part of the European Cemeteries Route project and was produced by Ljudambassaden.