Open international call to Innovation Partnership on the design of new benches to the Woodland Cemetery

Preliminary information on this spring’s forthcoming call for tenders in the frame of a design process to complement the exterior seats.

New outdoor furniture needs to be added to UNESCO World Heritage site the Woodland Cemetery in Stockholm.

The cemetery was designed into a globally unique architectural whole by architects Gunnar Asplund and Sigurd Lewerentz in the years 1916 to 1940.

Now, the City of Stockholm, through the Cemeteries Administration, is preparing an open international call for tenders, aimed at designers, architects and artists, in collaboration with furniture manufacturers, for designing and producing outdoor benches in keeping with the original work.

The well-preserved cemetery is one of a kind and is characterised by a rare and, meticulously executed, interaction between landscapes, chapels and crematories. The task places extra high demands on originality, spatial reference, aesthetics and functionality.

lntangible values are hard to evaluate in traditional procurement. The City of Stockholm, in collaboration with ArkDes and Architects Sweden, therefore plans to use a new type of procurement that meets the legal requirements for public procurement, while allowing innovative product development, a so-called Innovation Partnership. The call will cover participation in the partnership for at least four teams.

The objective is to welcome visitors to the Woodland Cemetery with new benches tailored to the site, requiring beauty, availability and future management.

Update: Now you can submit a tender via Trendsign

June 5 2018 • The furniture procurement is now published on Tendsign
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Preliminary information on the call, Februray 2018


  • Invitation to prequalification for interested design teams takes place in spring 2018
  • Innovation Partnerships will be signed with selected teams in the fall of 2018
  • The procurement is expected to end in spring 2019
  • Production and delivery of new furniture will take place in 2020

Pictures, existing outdoor benches

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Karin Söderling, the Cemeteries Administration

Tenders via TendSign

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