Open international call to Innovation Partnership on the design of new benches to the Woodland Cemetery.

Will the old benches be removed?
No, they will remain but supplemented with approximately 200 more accessible benches.

Are there any products already on the market that can be used?
There are many good benches but none that correspond to the criteria set at the Woodland cemetery regarding adaptation to the site.

When will call for tenders be official and can anyone apply to join?
The official call will be official during late spring. All artists, designers and architects can apply for a team together with a furniture manufacturer. A furniture manufacturer can apply with several designers.

How do I know when the procurement is published and how do I report interest in the procurement?
The procurement will be published in the procurement portal TendSign, www.tendsign.com. The procurement is called “Innovation Partnership for Seat Benches for World Heritage Site Skogskyrkogården". Read more about tenders via TendSign

Why are innovation partnerships chosen as procurement?
The Innovation Partnership aims to develop a new product that is not on the market, and then it works well with an innovation partnership. In that process, we develop the product gradually.

What does the process of an Innovation Partnership look like and what does the schedule look like?
An innovation partnership takes place in several stages. In the first step, the selection of suppliers, a choice is made among the teams who report interest. The teams that go ahead sign contracts with the cemetery administration to develop their idea into finished product. During this development process, the cemetery administration may proceed with one or more teams step by step. In the process, the cemetery administration will be assisted by an assessment group and various reference groups.The application for participation is made in TendSign during the late spring 2018. The procurement process is expected to end in the spring of 2019 for production and delivery of the products by 2020.

Read more about innovation partnerships at www.upphandlingsmyndigheten.se

Download The Innovation Partnership Platform Guide

 What is with the location that makes it necessary for unique design right here?

The Woodland cemetery was designed by both architects Sigurd Lewerentz and Erik Gunnar Asplund between 1916 and 1940. The two architects not only designed the landscape and the buildings, but also all the furnishings in buildings and in the outdoor environment. No detail was too insignificant not being carefully designed. The Woodland cemetery is a unique architectural whole, where the experience for the mourners and their meeting with the place has been the guiding principle for the design. The Woodland cemetery is since 1994 a UNESCO World Heritage Site.The cemetery is Sweden’s largest with over 3.000 funerals and 2.000 ceremonies each year. With this extensive activity and the substantial number of visitors, adjustments must always be made to meet new demands of good working environment and accessibility. This should be done with respect to the cultural heritage and the design principles that were indicative of the design of the site.