Tenders via TendSign

Open international call to Innovation Partnership on the design of new benches to the Woodland Cemetery.

Tenders must be submitted electronically via www.tendsign.com. To submit a bid is free of charge for the supplier and requires only a registration at www.tendsign.com. All communication regarding the procurement must be via Tendsign. The tenderer receives through Trends among other things:

  • complete procurement document,
  • any additions/information messages,
  • email notification for new events,
  • checking of asked questions in the procurement document,
  • verification that all questions and confirmations with the requirement limit are met,
  • answers of questions asked through the “Questions & Answers” service,
  • notification of procurement decision.

Competent representative/tenderer must register in TendSign, creating an individual tenderer account and using this account to be able to read procurement documents and create and submit tenders via TendSign. Please note that the tenderer's account as the authorized representative/tenderer must be registered with the organization number that the tenderer holds. In addition, it is of the utmost importance that the tenderer’s account has been recorded with correct information such as address, telephone, e-mail address and other relevant information and that this information should be kept updated in the future. Also, keep in mind that each individual account is registered in the correct department within the company, when registered in Tendign. This is especially important if the competent representative/tenderer is at a local address, unlike the main organization’s address.

Technical questions about the system are set to Visma TendSign support by e-mail: tendsignsupport@visma.com. Manual, instructional and FAQs can be found at www.tendsign.com/support. TendSign support is open weekdays 7am—5pm.

For companies under formation (which do not have an organizational number), login to TendSign is obtained by contacting Tendsign’s support.

Before submission of tenders, the tenderer is obliged to check that all the requested documents in the procurement document have been delivered in accordance with the list, and that answered questions have been answered correctly.